The Beginning

Even though I'd been interested in photography for years, it was whilst I was on maternity leave after having my little girl that I decided to pursue it as more than just a hobby. I thoroughly enjoyed taking picture after picture of her, especially as she is such a little poser.

Being realistic though, I knew that if I was going to take my photography seriously I needed to be well armed with the right equipment and the right knowledge. And so began my endless hours of research. I decided to invest into the Canon brand (please don't hold that against me Nikon users!) and went with a full frame camera and a few of their prestigious L series lenses. Next step - practice, practice, practice, which I did, and then some! Kids birthday parties, family days out, Sunday mornings still in our pyjamas... you name it, I was there, camera in tow. By the time I was ready to launch I don't think there was a family member, friend or duck at the boating lake that hadn't had my lens shoved in their face at some point or another.

It wasn't without it's challenges though and I quickly realised that my subjects wouldn't always be as co-operative as I'd hoped!

They say that nothing worth doing is ever easy and that is definitely true in this case. On my quest to become one of the best portrait and wedding photographers in Wales, I have burnt the midnight oil many a time whilst trying to sustain a demanding job and raising a toddler. Would I change anything? Absolutely not, I feel genuinely privileged to be invited in to people's homes and lives and witness some of their happiest memories.

My daughter has taught me many important things: to be patient, resilient and above all to cherish every second of life. Don't be afraid of chasing your dreams because the worst case scenario is that you will learn a few valuable life lessons on the way.

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