Getting into Newborn Photography

Newborn photography wasn’t something I’d initially seen myself getting involved with (having had a disastrous attempt when my own bundle of joy arrived – how hard can it be right?). But after setting up Laura Grace Photography I decided to give it a real go when I was asked by my good friend to take some of her new little treasure. This time I did it properly – researched, planned, researched, prepared and researched some more! Whilst it was still a ton harder than I thought, I did get much better results.

I was then asked to photograph beautiful baby Eva when she was just two weeks old.

I descended onto their house with a car full of props, beanbags, blankets and an array of photographic equipment. When I first met her she was wide awake and not really in the mood to be posed. Mum and Dad were very patient though and gave her a good feed, which made her sleepy. Eva drifted off in the comfort of my fluffy beanbag and made an excellent model. She was later joined by her older cousin, which made a very special photo gift for their Nanny.

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