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{Engagement} Hannah & Kyle

Shortly before their wedding at the New House Country Hotel, I met with Hannah & Kyle to discuss the arrangements and plans for their special day. We had planned a pre-wedding shoot but the rain didn't look like it was going to let us get outside. Instead we grabbed a coffee at the lovely Tredegar Park cafe and spent ages chatting away. I heard all about their intimate wedding plans, which Kyle was heavily involved in. Putting his carpentry skills to good use, he was not only making the wooden crate centrepieces, but also carving a wooden board for their friends and families to sign.

Happily, the rain eased off and we were able to go outside into the fantastic grounds for some great pictures. As usual, the couple were a bit apprehensive about having their photo taken, but soon became at ease with each other again. We experimented with some poses that we could try out on their wedding day and generally had a bit of a giggle.

They make a beautiful couple and I cannot wait to see them on their wedding day!

*Update - please see the main blog page for their wedding blog post - it won't disappoint*

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