{Newborn} Introducing Lydia Rae

Even though I primarily shoot out and about, I do have a portable studio that I can take anywhere with me. This comes in handy for newborn photography as it is important they are kept nice and warm (indoors is essential). I have also recently received some more training on newborn posing and so I was keen to put my new skills and knowledge to use.

As usual, I arrived at the mum's house and took a good half an hour to get all my things in from the car and set everything up. Whilst I was doing this, I always encourage mum to feed the baby so she is nice and sleepy.

Lydia was a gem! Newborns are notoriously hard work as they don't like being put into poses that aren't natural for them, but she took it all in her stride. It's important to note that some of these poses are composites or hands have been edited out (sorry to spoil the magic!) but Lydia's safety is paramount. No photo is every worth risking the health of a baby.

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