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{Wedding} Eleanor & Sergio's forest wedding

The second I heard about the laid back wedding that was to happen in the forest at the bottom of Eleanor's family garden, I knew it would be completely magical. I'm not sure how the couple managed to pull off such a spectacular wedding in such a short space of time, but blimey they did (and then some!)

With the legalities sorted the previous day, Eleanor and Sergio were free to have their ceremony exactly how and where they wanted. Their families and friends were seated in a circle surrounding them, and the couple exchanged vows underneath the trees in a ceremony led by one of their closest friends. The sound of chimes and a flute playing only added to the ambience.

The day was made possible because of the couple and their family. Eleanor's auntie was responsible for the flowers and the whole family contributed to handmaking the huge bamboo structure that adorned her mum's garden, a skill that Eleanor and Sergio learned on their recent visit to Bali.

Rewilding was the theme so everyone (and everything!) was adorned with vibrant flowers. The whole feel of the day was utterly relaxing and fun, exactly what makes a wedding. The guests were seated on bales of hay underneath the bamboo for their raw vegan feast before the dancing started to a live Ceilidh band. The barn dance ensured everyone was up and enjoying themselves, meeting new people from all across the world. The atmosphere was immense, each and every guest was having fun.

Every wedding day is special, unique, and a privilege to be a part of and this was no different. Eleanor and Sergio succeeded in hosting a wedding that was exactly what they wanted, without restriction. Understated, colourful, fun and most importantly full of love, this day will be remembered for a long time to come by all that were lucky enough to attend.

Here is a selection of photos taken from their wonderful day in June.

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