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What is your style?
My photographs are vibrant and full of life!  My shooting style is natural and relaxed and I prefer to capture events as they are unfolding before me, so the majority of images that I take are candid and authentic.  I'm as unobtrusive as possible and for the most part, you'll forget I'm there.  The only part of the day that I will guide you into poses will be during the couple portrait session and the formals. Even then, it's often the 'in between' moments that I capture as people look their best when they are most relaxed. 

What packages do you offer?
You can view my packages on my main wedding page by clicking here.  I do offer the option of creating a bespoke package if you require something more specific, as well as an hourly rate for weddings that do not require full day coverage. Please enquire with your requirements.  
Will we get the copyright?

A photographer will legally retain the full copyright to any images they take. However, I give full printing and reproduction rights to the couple and their friends/family for personal use. This means you can basically do what you like with them (sort your own prints, albums, thank you cards etc) but you can't sell the photos, re-edit them or use them for commercial use. I would also be delighted for you to use the photos to enter competitions, magazine features etc. provided that I am informed prior to publication and that proper credit is given to Laura Grace Photography.


What areas do you cover?
Anywhere in the UK, and beyond! My package price includes travel to venues within 100 miles of Cwmbran, South Wales. For locations beyond this, there will be a small charge for mileage and accomodation may need to be considered.

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Can we meet you?

Of course, it's always a good idea to meet before you book to make sure we're right for each other!  I'm happy to come to your home or we could meet in a nearby cafe for a cuppa at a time that is convenient for us all, or even zoom if that's easier.  It will provide a great opportunity for us to get to know each other a bit better and for you to see some of my sample albums as well as ask any questions that you may have.  

How do we book?

Yay! I can send you a contract for you to read and sign.  You will need to complete this, and transfer a booking fee of £300 to secure your date.  My preferred method of payment is via direct bank transfer (bank details are on the invoice).

What is a booking fee?

It is the same as a deposit.  It's deductible from the final balance but non refundable if you cancel because it covers the cost of the work undertaken before your wedding. 

What if we need to cancel or change our date?

If you would like to change the terms of the contract then please contact me as soon as possible.  You will need to check I am available before confirming any changes to your date. If I am able to, I will transfer your booking to another date.  Increased rates may apply. If I am unavailable, you will lose your deposit. 

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on the day

What happens on the day?

By your wedding day, we will hopefully know one another quite well having met a few times and sent a fair few emails back and forth :) I will arrive at the bride's getting ready location and start photographing pretty much immediately, happily pottering around everyone. Throughout the day I will photograph anything that I feel contributes towards the story of your wedding including all the finer details (I love details!!) as well as the list of photographps you may provide me with.  I'm very easy going though and am happy to be directed by you at any point- if you want an impromptu shot with someone then just grab me. During the couple portraits I will guide you into poses that I know will flatter you and make you feel comfortable. The only part of the day where I won't be photographing you will be during your meal. This is when I have a bit of a break and grab a bite to eat. You don't have to provide me with a meal, but it is always lovely when people do.  I like to prepare for all eventualities and so I routinely bring a bag of large ivory and rainbow umbrellas to keep the bridal party dry. I am fully insured and  will bring all the equipment that I need including two professional Canon cameras and a selection of prime and zoom lenses.  I will also bring a flash but the majority of my work is done using natural light.

We don't like having our photo taken....

Haha, who does? I honestly hear this all the time!  Men especially seem to find this difficult, but please don't worry.  Everyone looks their best when they are relaxed and happy, and on your wedding day you will be so busy and surrounded by the newlywed buzz that you will barely even notice me there.  When photographing just the two of you, I will give you plenty of prompts and directions to get gorgeous, natural and authentic images that I know you will cherish your whole life.  Still not convinced?  Book in for a pre wedding shoot, it's the perfect trial run!  We'll get all the awkwardness out of the way so on your wedding day you will know exactly what to expect and know that you can trust me. 

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How long will the photography take?
You should allow 3-4 minutes per group shot that you require (longer if you are having a large wedding).  The couple portraits should take between 20-30 minutes, but of course it is your day and so this can be flexible.  It is recommended that you choose a list of no more than 10 formal photographs to minimise the time needed.  I'm more than happy to advise you on which ones are best, or leave it up to you to choose. I will do more if you want, but you need to be aware it will eat into your day.

Can our guests take pictures?
If you want them to, absolutely. However, I ask that during the portraits of the bride and groom, no other guests are present so as to avoid unnecessary distractions etc. Many couples are now opting for 'unplugged' weddings though, allowing their guests to fully immerse themselves in the day itself, seeing it with their eyes rather than through a lens. See here for more information on unplugged weddings. If any of your guests happen to be professional photographers then I ask that they follow the above guidelines but also that their photographs may only be taken for personal use (i.e. they are not to use them on their websites etc for advertising purposes).

Are you fully insured?
Of course!  I have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance and all my equipment is also insured. Please feel free to ask to see my insurance certificates. 

What if you are ill?
In the extremely unlikely event of me being unable to attend your wedding, I am part of a trusted network of photographers that  I can call on to help save the day. 

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What is the advantage of having a second shooter?
My second shooter will arrive at the other getting ready venue (where possible) and will capture the other partner making the finishing touches to their outfit. They will then follow them to the ceremony venue and arrange some photographs of them, saving time later in the day. You will receive photographs of the guests arriving as well as ceremony room set up, allowing me to stay with the bride as late as possible. Throughout the day we will work together ensuring we never miss a moment. You will get two perspectives for the ceremony, speeches and first dance as we can be in two places at once! Group shots will be completed quicker as they will be able to organise the next group in advance. My second shooters are used to mirroring my shooting style and I will edit the complete set of final images so you won't even know who took what. 

after your wedding

Do you edit your photos?

Yes, every single one.  All of your images will be expertly retouched ensuring the correct lighting, colour balance, tone and presence.  I will also remove objects and convert some photographs into black and white.  In some images I may whiten teeth, remove blemishes and stray hairs, but don't worry - I won't change the way you look, just enhance what is already there. After you receive your images if there are any further edits you would like, I am happy to honour all reasonable requests free of charge within two months of receiving them.

How many photographs will we receive?

This depends on so many factors!  On the day itself, I will likely take well over a thousand images (I take several duplicate shots, especially with groups to avoid catching anyone blinking). You will receive the best 350 - 450 images of the day on your memory stick in a selection of colour and black and white.  There is no cap on the number, if a photo is good and not duplicated, then you will receive it.

How long will it take to get our photographs?

You will see a sneak peek selection of about 15 images the day after your wedding, which will also be placed on my social media.  The rest of your images will be ready within 6 weeks, though I aim to reduce this when possible (I know how desperate you will be to see them all).

What if we don't want our images online?

Every couple has a legal right to privacy.  While I absolutely love being able to share images that I have taken (I wouldn't have a business without it!), I absolutely respect that some clients wish to keep their photos private.  This is absolutely fine, as long as you tell me in advance.  

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How do we order an album?

Once you have received your photos you can then choose your favourite ones to go in your album.  I'm more than happy to advise you in this area and would suggest an album consultation so we can also discuss sizes, covers, paper types etc and you can see some samples.  Please ask to see my album brochure which includes all the important information to consider and how the ordering process works.  You will need to favourite the images you want included on your gallery.  I will then design your album and send you the proof to ok.  Once I receive the go ahead from you, the album will be with you in around 4 weeks.

Do we have to order prints through you?

You will receive a password protected online gallery, which also allows you to order prints from my professional printing lab direct to your door.  Your USB/digital downloads does come with the right to print though, so you can get your prints made anywhere.  I always advise you to avoid 'instant print' type printers though, typically found in supermarkets, as the quality is noticeably poorer.  Don't get me wrong, they are great for holiday snaps, but they can't deal with the high quality file sizes like professional printing labs can. 6x4 inch prints are just £2.50 when ordered through me. You have gone to so much effort with all aspects of your wedding, don't let your photos down for the sake of a couple of pounds.

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