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{Wedding} Gemma & Phil, Tipis

In the quiet village of Purton, in Gloucestershire, I stood and waited nervously in an empty field, all bar an abandoned camper van and a few hay bales, quite convinced that I was in the wrong place. My instructions told me this was to be expected though and it wasn't long before I saw Gemma, my very first bride to be. Just a week later, the presence of two gorgeously lit tipis standing proud would transform the empty space into a magical area of celebration with live music, laughter and love.

On the day of the nuptuals, I made my way to the canal lock to greet the newlywedded couple and their families and friends, who would be making their spectacular entrance on a boat. As I saw them come in to view I briefly reflected on what this moment meant to me. Tears of excitement and pride pricked my eyes; someone was taking a chance on me. After telling myself to get a grip, I released the shutter and all my butterflies flew away.

We made our way back to the tipis, which had been beautifully decorated with little rustic details that made it feel like home. From the chill out area with beanbags, to the dance floor and picnic style tables, Gemma and Phil had made their guests' comfort and enjoyment of the day their top priority; it didn't disappoint!

The sun shone for them and they were able to make the most of their beautiful surroundings, with the hay bales providing a great, but unexpected source of entertainment into the night. They cut the cake and ate the exquisite cupcakes, all made by Gemma's very talented mum.

As the evening got into full swing, the groom, who was most definitely not going to be giving his new bride a first dance had a change of heart, much to her delight. The buzz of the celebrations resonated throughout the tiny village that had come together for this special couple. I left the wedding party to continue with their merriment into the night.

Every wedding I attend is special, but this one will always hold particularly fond memories for me. I am so grateful to Gemma & Phil for allowing me to be part of their special day and I wish them a lifetime of happiness together! x

On seeing their photos Gemma made the following testimonial:

"Thank you so much Laura for photographing our Wedding Party. I really appreciated you visiting beforehand so we could show you our slightly unusual venue! From the photos you took I could tell you really listened to my requirements and you went above and beyond what I asked for on the day. I particularly love your ability to capture intricate and creative details that many a photographer would miss (I absolutely love the photo of my wedding shoes discarded near the dance floor!). We would definitely recommend you!"

By popular request, the Tipi company used was Elite Tents. Please click here for their website.

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