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{Wedding} Sarah & Steve, Oxwich Bay Hotel

Sarah was one of the first brides to ever book me, finding me through an online forum I used to use when planning my own wedding. She was delightfully friendly and explained that her and her fiancé were coming to Oxwich Bay from their hometown of Kent to have an intimate wedding, bringing only their daughter with them.

Sarah & Steve got ready together in the Bridal Suite which boasted magnificent views over Oxwich Bay. Keeping tradition though, Sarah didn't want Steve to see her in her dress before the ceremony, so she waited in her room until it was time to make her grand entrance alongside her daughter.

With a soft purple colour scheme, everything complemented each other perfectly (even the registrar!). The ceremony was perfectly intimate and filled with emotion; Sarah didn't stop smiling the entire day. Their daughter gave a beautiful reading to her parents before officially being declared husband and wife.

Making the day truly unique, the couple ended their celebrations with a pagan blessing on the beach, complete with an outfit change for the bride who looked sensational.

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