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{2021} A year in review

Well after the car crash that was 2020, I think we all had high hopes for 2021... To be fair, it may not have started (or even ended) the way we'd hoped, but it has actually been a fantastic year at Laura Grace Photography. As has become tradition over here, I thought I would do a round up to reflect back on this crazy, busy, yo-yo of a year.

86,372 shots taken

24 Weddings

12 Pre Wedding Shoots

17 Family Shoots

and one very shiny Best Wedding Photographer Award!!!!!!

As 2021 started we were back in another lockdown and so new year was a strange combination of enquiries from newly engaged couples excitedly planning their big day, and cautious/disappointed couples looking to postpone their dream wedding (some for the second and third time). However, I was very excited to photograph my first wedding of the year in April. As special as it was, it was not a typical day as restrictions meant that only the ceremony was allowed to happen. But over the next few months, things gradually eased and by July I was photographing with over a hundred guests again. The joy and happiness it brought, watching people make up for all the lost celebrations and gatherings was overwhelming at times. As many of you will know, I'm a soppy, emotional person at the best of times, but one summer wedding tipped me over the edge. Seeing every single person up on their feet, dancing and singing along with the singing waiters, after over a year of not even being able to give each other a hug, was truly a moment I will never forget.

Looking back at the photos I've taken this year has reminded me, not only how far I've come, but also how much fun I've had doing it. I have worked with some truly incredible people and have been shown gratitude like I've never known before. Yes, I've had one notable success this year at the Best of Welsh Wedding Awards, but the only reason my little plastic trophy means anything at all to me is because it was voted for by my amazing customers.

I know I have so much to be thankful for, but I can't help feeling proud as well, because I work blinking hard and yes sometimes that means missing out on fun weekend things, or feeling like there's just too much to do. I've let certain things slide like social media, my newsletter, and I can't even remember the last time I blogged a wedding (though I'm certain it was only because I had an enquiry for that specific venue ha!) but as long as I continue to provide an excellent service to my existing customers then I know it will all be ok.

This year has seen me photograph my 100th wedding, find myself on my dream venue's recommended supper list (yes I cried... again!), second shot for other photographers, help lots of brides into their wedding dresses and groomsmen into their ties, be responsible for getting the rings to the church, go through a million safety pins and generally run around like a less demented headless chicken so that my couples don't have to.

But for now, I will shut up and let my photos do the talking.... Here is my best of 2021 xxx


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