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7 Reasons To Book Me As Your Wedding Photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer can be a really tough decision, after all there are so many of us to choose from! A good wedding photographer does so much more than just take photos though. It’s about understanding our couples, knowing what they want, and how to achieve that, as well as melting away all their wedding worries.

Read on to find out why I'm so emotionally invested in your wedding photography.

You Like My Style

This is the most important thing when considering a wedding photographer. Do you want beautiful, natural and vibrant images? My images are crisp, clean and full of colour but I also provide a selection of timeless black and white photographs, guaranteed to never go out of style.

Even though the majority of my work is candid, I do also guide couples into poses to help them get the best out of their images, as well as doing group shots for those that want them.

You Love The Special Touches

Because so do I! In the run up to your wedding you will receive lots of information from me. From the welcome pack you receive after you book, to the top tips brochure I send out around a month before the wedding, and then the beautiful box of goodies you’ll receive with your final images, you’ll see my attention to detail goes way beyond my ability to capture your wedding day accessories.

I'll Look After You

I love getting to know my clients before their wedding. Not only because it means they are more relaxed with me on the day, leading to more natural photographs but because I really care. You deserve the most wonderful day and if there is anything I, or any of your service providers can do to help make your day extra special, then we owe it to our couples to do that. I’m often told that I go above and beyond, often in the form of:

  • Helping the bride into her dress because all the bridesmaids are wearing fake nails (this happens a lot!)

  • Taking off my shirt for the bride to stand on so her dress didn’t get so soggy in the mud (what a legend she was, going out for photos in the rain – it was totally worth it!)

  • Lending out my emergency sewing kit to a poor guest with a split dress

  • Making sure the rings safely get to the church

  • Transporting the bridesmaids’ belongings to the venue

  • Lending my set of wedding umbrellas so you don’t get wet

More generally, I’m there to reassure you, without missing a moment. You know that on the day itself I will be working my bum off to make sure you receive exceptional service and have absolutely everything you need. I like to think of myself as super helpful and truly mean it when I say if you need anything, just ask.

I’m Professional

Boring but importantly true! Whether it’s working with new suppliers or keeping on top of my paperwork, being professional is a fundamental part of my business. I’m fully insured and always carry spare equipment just in case. I back up all of my images multiple times and ensure they are safely archived after delivery. After all, it’s my job to give you peace of mind knowing your images are safe and secure. The importance of your wedding day is not lost on me, which is why I treat your images with the utmost care.

I Love Weddings

I mean, really love weddings! I am absolutely in my element being surrounded by so much love, so I smile all day. Guests always comment on how happy and friendly I am, which helps them relax and enjoy their day too.

You’re the Boss

I’m not one of those big shot photographers with an even bigger ego that tells you what you can and can’t do. It’s your day, you’re in charge, you’re the boss!

I won’t control your wedding, shout at your guests or tell you how many group shots you can have. We will go through the details together before your big day and you can give me a list (or even a Pinterest board link!) of everything you’d like me to achieve for you. After all, you’re paying for a service that I want you to be overjoyed with.

I’ve Been There and Done that

I get it, really honestly I do. I’ve had my special day and relived it a million times. I know how important your day is to you, how it's all you think about. The little things are the big things and I completely understand that, which is why you can trust that I mean it when I say I will put my heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears* into creating the best images I possibly can.

*yes I put my hands up - I will probably get emotional when you walk down the aisle, say your vows and sometimes even during speeches. Good job I can hide behind my camera haha!

For booking enquiries please fill out my contact form here or email me at


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