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{Advice} Confetti Top Tips

One of the most iconic of all wedding photos, the confetti shot is a must-have on absolutely everyone's wedding photo list. There are so many different ways to make your confetti photos unique and special to you. As a wedding photographer, I have seen over a hundred confetti throws, so here are my best tips for you to consider when deciding how you would like your confetti photos to look.

1. Provide your own

The truth is, if you want an epic confetti shot, you absolutely have to provide your own confetti for your guests. This one is obvious to most people, but long gone are the days where everyone turned up with a pack of blue, pink and white horseshoe shaped paper confetti from Clintons (though it is so sweet when they do, as it's usually a nan or an auntie).

2. Choose the type of confetti carefully

Who knew there were so many different types? There's tissue paper, dried petals and even fresh petals! The type of confetti you choose will have the biggest impact in the overall feel of your images. It totally depends on the look you are going for, but brightly coloured tissue paper can be amazing as they float a bit more so stays in the air for longer. The smaller bits of confetti don't stay up as long and but they can show up as little sparkles in some photos. It does get absolutely everywhere though and usually needs to be picked out of the bride's hair. Larger petals flutter and float for longer.

Personally I wouldn't recommend foil confetti as it isn't biodegradable, so not only is it not allowed at most venues, it's awful for the environment. If you are desperate for a confetti canon filled with foil bits then I'd recommend having this set off during the first dance, so the dance floor can be swept afterwards.

3. Decide how much you need

This is usually far more than you would expect! I would recommend a good fistful for every guest so that everyone can get involved and the confetti will show up nicely. It is one of those situations where it's definitely better to have too much than too little. Plus we can always get creative if you have any left over.

4. Consider how you will give it out

There are so many beautiful ways of presenting confetti these days. From it all being kept in buckets or baskets, to individually packaged cones or packets, there are even more decisions to make than you expected!

5. Think about where you would like it thrown

Check if your venue allows confetti to start with. Some churches will only allow it outside the grounds for example, or under the lychgate, whereas others are more flexible. Look at your venue for inspiration, but I will be more than happy to advise you of where I think will work well on the day.

You should also think about the colour of your confetti - for example, white confetti would look amazing against a building or in front of trees, but won't show up against the sky if you are in an open space.

Also consider if you would like a confetti tunnel that you walk through, or for everyone to gather around and throw it all at once.

6. Lastly, walk slowly and enjoy yourselves

It's not a race, take your time and feel free to stop and have a cheeky kiss! Look up at the confetti, look at your new spouse and your guests but most importantly, smile and enjoy!

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