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{Albums} Queensberry Wedding Album - White Leather Flushmount

white leather album

I have been so excited to show off this wonderful sample album since before I even ordered it. It is an absolute luxury and, while looking at photos definitely shows off its beauty, you really do have to hold this one in your hands and feel the smoothness of the pages to fully appreciate the quality.

This is another fantastic Queensberry creation, a while genuine leather flushmount album, embossed in gold foil with the super stylish font, Windsong Scriptive. Of course, it also comes with the exclusive Queensberry trademark - the translucent introduction sheet with co-ordinating font.

To give it that ultra premium feel, the pages have been upgraded to super smooth fine art paper. The flushmount design means that images can be printed over the spine without any divide over the spine.

A classic, this stunning album that is made to last several lifetimes, will never go out of style.

queensberry gold embossed white leather


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