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{Wedding} Fran & Owen | Sugar Loaf Barn

As soon as I met Fran and Owen I knew it would be a dream to be their wedding photographer - I wasn't wrong! Having seen me photograph another wedding of their friend, I was delighted when they said they wanted to book. Not only was their venue breathtakingly beautiful, but they are such a wonderful couple and so much fun to work with.

Leading up to the wedding during a time of wedding restrictions was stressful for the couple, who had their heart set on 100 guests. Thankfully everything worked out well, with Welsh government announcing with a few weeks to spare that outdoor venues would be able to accommodate up to 100 guests! Perfect!!! Thank goodness they had chosen such a wonderful ("outdoor") wedding venue - Sugar Loaf Barn! The perfect place to add loads of your own unique details, it is exclusively yours over the weekend and most importantly to this couple, a pet friendly wedding venue. It is definitely one of my favourite venues to photograph.

Sugar Loaf Barn is located just outside of Abergavenny with unspoiled views of the rolling hills and mountains making the perfect backdrop from any angle. As their wedding day started, everyone was trying to ignore the weather, which was gloomy and miserable and the mountains were barely visible. Fran was determined that nothing would spoil their long awaited wedding day and continued with her beautiful beaming smile all morning. Thankfully after the ceremony, the drizzle stopped just in time for photographs, so we headed off for a little adventure to the top of the mountain for some epic portraits.

One of the many exciting aspects of this wedding was the fact that Fran was bringing her beloved pet HORSE complete with flower crown!!!! As a wedding photographer, this was an absolute dream come true for me and I am so pleased we were able to get some beautiful photographs of the two of them together. I know Fran will cherish these for years to come.

There is so much more I could elaborate on, from the superb speeches to the shots, my favourite John Adams Band and most importantly DANCING (by the time you read this you will be wondering why this has excited me so much. All weddings have dancing right? - well after over a year of no dancing being allowed at weddings, this really was a big deal, and boy did they party to make up for it!)

One of the loveliest days I've ever been part of as a wedding photographer - I truly loved every second. I don't think I've ever included so many images in a blog either, but there was just so much to capture and I just want to share it all with you xx