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{Wedding} Lianne & Wayne | Eastington Park, Gloucestershire

I'm not sure I've ever know a bride as excited as Lianne was for her big day. I received regular updates and questions about the wedding and it was blinking brilliant to see someone so ridiculously happy to be marrying her absolute soulmate.

I had high expectations for this wedding; a stunning Manor House, some quirky theming and a "we'll do it our way" approach, it definitely didn't disappoint. Lianne and Wayne celebrated their wedding at the gorgeous Eastington Park, an exclusive use wedding venue in Gloucestershire which is really easy to get to from where we are in Cwmbran.

On arrival, I was swept away by all the beautiful details and went about capturing them all. I often get told by couples that they're not really fussed with the detail shots. That's absolutely fine and I really respect that, however I will still always capture them anyway. I would much rather you have them even if you never look at them. Because in 10 or 20 years down the line, you'll look back at your wedding day and some of the detail will have been forgotten. Of course you'll remember the important bits, but having photos of the lovingly handmade favours, or the signs you spent hours looking for, or the gorgeous shoes that will sadly never look the same again will preserve those memories for you to relive in future.

Lianne chose the most gorgeous accessories, including her bespoke Tiara which was made to complement the pattern in her dress. The Bridal Suite as Eastington Park was just a dream, so beautiful and full of loads of natural light, just gorgeous.

As it came to the time for the ceremony, nerves were being felt all around. Lianne's mum did her proud and these photos of her giving her daughter away are some of my favourite ceremony images ever. A reading of "The Viking and The Mermaid" was so personal to the couple and perfectly described their relationship. Then Lianne and Wayne quite literally "tied the knot" in a special binding ceremony conducted by their friend, how lovely is that?

Afterwards we had an epic confetti tunnel followed by some family shots and then the rain appeared.Unfortunately it then poured for the rest of the day, but thanks to the stunning venue, we were still able to have some undercover shots outside by the pillars (you would never tell it was raining would you?) as well as some other groups indoors.

Then it was time for the speeches which were emotional and hilarious in equal measure. Everyone loves a sing song, but even more so if it's been rewritten by the bridesmaid to describe the couple's relationship, with words projected for everyone else to sing along too.

My favourite thing about the rain is when it's dark, it literally just sparkles. We went back outside to take some more photographs and the couple enjoyed some time with just the two of them before cutting their amazing wedding cake with an axe. As the evening got into full swing, the band started playing and the couple danced their way into married life, surrounded by everyone they love.

I am so happy I got to be part of such a special day. Congratulations to The Mermaid for finding her Viking xx