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{Wedding} Tasha & Jon | Maes Manor Hotel

Tasha & Jon - I'm not quite sure where to start with this one! It is difficult to put into words the range of emotions experienced on this day, I'm not sure I can do it justice!

I fell in love with them both when they came for their initial meeting and we had a natter in the garden about their wedding plans. At the time it seemed like forever away, but having previously met while I was photographing a wedding of a friend of theirs, I knew the time would fly by.

There is no doubt this couple are absolutely perfect for each other. They are funny (I mean absolutely hilarious!) and thoughtful and kind, the kind of people you just love being around. So their wedding was always going to be filled with fun.

Tasha's details were just breathtaking - her exquisite engagement ring and those shoes!!!! I mean, I know I'm always drooling over the shoes, but these were something else. It's a shame they didn't end up being worn... (and no, it wasn't because I stole them haha!)

The ceremony was heartfelt and Jon's team of best men were there to support him and pass the tissues. Having their daughter there to witness it all was extra special, and after some special toasts and a few tears shed (yes some were mine... obviously!) it was time to party. Like really PARTY. Out came the dinosaur head and the tales of the Las Vegas stag do (it's surprising how people will tell the photographer all sorts after a few drinks haha). The dance floor was the most full I've ever seen it, and those not dancing were queueing up for the vodka luge. It really was the best fun.

Throughout it all, Tasha & Jon were amazing and stayed true to themselves. They truly deserved a wonderful day and I know they had a blast. I am delighted I could be part of their day and will always look back on this one with a huge smile on my face. Heartfelt and hilarious, it's definitely a favourite x

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