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{Engagement} Fran & Owen | Southerndown Beach

It was an early start, but my goodness was it worth it. The soft dawny sky, just before sunrise glowed pink over Dunraven Bay. Despite the cold morning, the wind was the calmest I've known at Southerndown Beach, and at that time it was very quiet too, which was great as no one really likes an audience.

Fran and Owen led me around the mountain top and showed me all the different parts of the bay, many of which I'd not come across before. It was beautiful! As the sun rose higher it looked like a bright sunny day in no time, even though the session was only an hour from start to finish - isn't it incredible how the light changes so quickly at that time of day?

They are such a lovely, relaxed couple and their engagement session really helped me get to know them more, I have no doubt they are going to rock their wedding images.


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