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{Engagement} Eleanor & Sergio

One of the best parts of meeting new couples is that I get to learn new things and see new places. From the moment I heard about Eleanor & Sergio's unique wedding taking place at the bottom of the garden in the forest, I was fascinated by this couple. Initially unsure about whether they wanted an engagement session, the couple decided that they would like me to accompany them on their walk up Twmbarlwm Mountain.

It was quite a trek carrying all my equipment up to the top, but once we reached the peak, it was completely worth all the huffing and puffing! I instantly realised why they had brought me there, and at the same time questioned why I had never been before. The view was simply breathtaking.

We chatted at length about how the couple had been preparing for their wedding, which included a month long trip to Bali where they learned how to use bamboo to create a structure under which they will hold their reception. The couple were so at ease with each other, it is hard to believe they have only been planning the wedding a couple of months!

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