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{Engagement} Chelsea & Tom | Tredegar Park

April is one of my favourite times to do pre wedding shoots. It's just getting into spring and the majority of the wedding season is yet to come, so it tends to be a little quieter time of year. It is also one of the most beautiful months, flowers are starting to bloom, the greens are becoming more lush, and it's just an all round great month!

Chelsea and Tom brought me to Tredegar Park where the grounds are vast and full of secluded little areas for us to take some lovely pictures. Their wedding isn't until November so they have over 6 months of use of these photos which is perfect! (Personally, my pre shoot was a week before the wedding and so no one ever saw those photos, sob).

Not only did we get to know each other, but we all became more comfortable with each other, allowing for better photos to be taken. This is always a bonus on the wedding day, it's one less thing to feel nervous about!


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