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{Family} The Lewises | Oakfield Flower Gardens

I met with the Lewis family back on a freezing cold wintery day for a mini shoot before Christmas (nice recent photos of the grandkids make excellent Christmas pressies!)

We went to the hidden gem of a park - Oakfield flower gardens. It is so beautiful here with a different scene each season.

Thea, the older daughter loved having her photo taken, but Isla needed some convincing - regardless, I still think her grumpy little face is absolutely beautiful. What I love about family sessions is that there is no pressure to be anything other than yourself. Capturing children exactly as they are in the moment is very special and so much more meaningful than a forced "cheese"

Like many family shoots, this one was done ahead of Stacey and Darren's wedding. People often ask if their children can be involved in engagement shoots (or just take a family shoot instead) and my answer is always absolutely! For me, the biggest benefit (other than having some lovely photos) is that we can all get to know each other before the big day so that everyone is more comfortable on the wedding day itself. While the usual emphasis is typically on the bride and groom, the same ethos applies to children. They are a crucial part of the wedding, so I want them to be familiar with me and happy for me to be around them so that they aren't shy in front of me.


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