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{Newborn} Baby Alfie

Introducing beautiful baby Alfie, just 8 days new! Ok so I'll admit it - I'm totally biased as I made him, but how perfect is he?

After a disastrous attempt at taking my own photos of his big sister as a newborn (before I'd become a photographer), I decided to do a ton of training and research. I learned all about lighting and safety (there are certain poses your should NEVER try and do yourself for example) but I still wasn't happy with how my newborn shoots were turning out. After 4 hours of going round in the depressing cycle of feeding them to sleep and then for them to still wake up screaming as soon as you tried to put them in some gorgeously cute but quite unnatural pose, I decided that the traditional newborn shoots weren't for me.

Instead, I looked at doing a lifestyle photography shoot. What better way of building my portfolio than with my own little bundle. I love that a lifestyle shoot is completely relaxed - there are no pressures of getting babies to sleep. This mini session with Alfie took less than 20 minutes, which would be far less intrusive for new parents than a 4-6 hour stressful marathon. Better still - there is no strict window of opportunity. Many newborn sessions stipulate that babies must be under 10 days old (because they are more 'curled up' at this age!), which isn't always feasible. As I don't pose or interfere with the babies, it doesn't matter whether they are a day old or two months, you will still get stunning results.

If this sounds like something you would like then get in touch to book a shoot!


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