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{Newborn} Baby Jack

Every newborn is a bundle of precious perfection, but Jack was all the more precious as he was overly desperate to meet the world at just 31 weeks! With only 4 weeks in hospital he was declared well enough to come home. It was my absolute privilege to photograph him with his mummy and daddy as he settled into life in his new home.

As Jack was a preemie, it wasn't appropriate for him to have a more traditional type of newborn shoot, so I was thrilled that former bride Katy got in touch to book this lifestyle newborn shoot for her friends. It meant that I was able to photograph them all in their own environment, without any pressure.

Throughout the shoot I couldn't get over that despite being a month old, he still shouldn't have been born for another month. Jack is doing so well though and is in the most capable hands with Rachel and Rich. Congratulations both, he's awesome! x


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